Free coffee time training

On job training for hotels and free training materials on disability are available from AccessChamp, there are five free coffee time chats that can be downloaded.  They are about:

  1. The Business Case for disabled guests.
  2. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  3. Guiding a blind person.
  4. Identifying a deaf person.
  5. The correct use of alarm cords.

To download these please click the link below below and then validate it.  You will then be able to have a look round the site for the next 7 days and see what is available.  We will be updating AccessChamp every month with new training resources, more coffee time training and by giving us your email we will send you our regular newsletter.

You can also follow Arnold Fewell, the creator of AccessChamp, on Twitter @avfaccess.

There is also free access to the blogs on this website.

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