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Completing a PEEP (CT25)

There is a requirement to complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan or PEEP as it is often referred to for all disabled guests. Do you have one in operation? If not, you can download an example from AccessChamp. This is only a guideline and will need to be personalised to your hotel. For example all your wheelchair rooms may only be accessible by lift; you may have rooms adapted for deaf people. The first thing is to personalise the PEEP to your hotel needs.
Department: Reception
Subject: Fire

Fire issues for people with disabilities (CT24)

(Subscribers Only)
You will already have regular fire training but in this session we look at the potential results from a serious fire and what extra help a disabled guest might need in an emergency.
Department: Reception, Conference and Banqueting, Concierge and Porter, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Accesschamp
Subject: Fire