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AccessChamp is targeted at hoteliers and conference venues that want to provide great customer service to disabled guests. Remember it only takes one wheelchair user to sell a conference, dinner or wedding and could mean an event with hundreds of people. AccessChamp provides online training for all levels of hotel and conference staff and you can use coffee time chats at any time when the hotel is a bit quieter e.g. just before service. Try out these five free downloads and see how AccessChamp will help you.

  • 25% of the UK population is either a disabled person or a carer, it is a huge market that you can’t ignore.  Disabled guests have additional needs that must be met if you want to achieve great customer service for all.  To achieve this staff need training and by watching the video you will see how AccessChamp will make a real difference.

    Watch the short video now.

  • You can download samples of the training materials before you buy and see how the coffee time chats work.  They include learning to guide a blind person, how to recognise a deaf person, and a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan.

  • To subscribe to AccessChamp you can register and pay online.  As soon as payment has been received you will be given the appropriate password so you can start training your staff immediately.

  • AccessChamp provides an ever increasing number of short training modules on accessibility that cover the main impairments. They are ideal to use over a cup of coffee when staff may be having a break.

  • Follow Arnold Fewell's blogs as he is a former Hotel General Manager and now a permanent wheelchair user for over 10 years.  He sees the situation from both sides and puts forward low cost solutions that will make a real difference to disabled people.

  • Take part in our regular polls and find out what other people are thinking and saying about the accessible agenda.

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