See how AccessChamp can help improve your sales, occupancy and profitability

People with an impairment and their carers make up 25% of the UK population.  On top of that there are 1.85 billion people with disabilities in the world.  This market has been valued by Visit England (England alone) as worth £2 billion in 2010.  It is set to grow as we live longer and are more likely to have an impairment.  Did you know one in three of us will have a disability in our lifetimes?

In this short video we introduce you to the market opportunity and explain how AccessChamp can help you and your team.  AccessChamp is a new online training resource for hoteliers that includes e-learning modules, coffee time training chats, generic induction video and much more.  It has been created by Arnold Fewell, Special Catey Award Winner in 2012.  Arnold is a former hotelier with Trusthouse Forte and has been a permanent wheelchair user since 2004 so he understands the issues from both sides.

There is a special introductory offer available for the first 250 hotels that join up.  So please watch the video now and make sure you don’t miss out.

If you have any questions please email It could be the wisest investment you'll ever make.